Artist Statement

Daylight Sun Parade

I am a channel of communication; I synthesize complexities and simplify them. I activate spaces, invite people to use their imagination, to question their beliefs and to open their minds. I create codes that dabble the subconscious. I am a mirror of freedom of expression by containing and connecting with the energy of others. I strive to bring magic to the everyday life, subverting the mundane.


I express through all kinds of works and colors, be it large scale murals, fresh abstract paintings, installations, photography, videos as well as mixing music and organizing performances and happenings using the body as an instrument, but also offering instruments to the body, such as wearable art. I am interested in extending my creativity to all the mediums in which I can contribute to others with the filter that I see life itself. Therefore, I also involve myself in artistic directions and bespoke projects that cater to specific emotional needs, establishing conversations and liaisons through relational aesthetics.

I am inspired by nature, flowers, animals, symbolism, spirituality, dream states, people living life to the fullest, celebrations, birthdays, rites, carnival, magic, what is hidden beneath the surface, the celestial, changes of consciousness, mysticism, ancestral wisdom, the galaxy, astrology, beauty, happiness, acts of transformation, and to watch people thrive and have success. I am also drawn to unusual color combinations, vestments, jewelry, corporeal expression, the sacred and profane, humor, authenticity, resilience, will power, forgiveness, gratitude, collective creation, sexuality, tarot and the ocean.