Artist Statement

Artist's Statement

Through multi-chromatic painting, sacredness, performative connections, tropical exuberance, the carnivalesque, bodily pleasures, regalia, humor and a playful yet tribal approach, I am able to communicate. My practice highlights a fluid synergy of different artistic domains, where the individual media discourses of each combine for a greater purpose: subverting the mundane.

My work also provides an intentional platform for people to access their own occult and ceremonial tendencies, metamorphic comfort-zones, and reclaiming of self through vestment rituals, processions, collective motivation, relational aesthetics and site-specific tableaus.

I have a deliberate intention to question taboos, activate freedom of expression, and dismantle established social norms by presenting magical characters that are somewhat weird, yet attractive, or that could be seen as either monsters or deities. These presences shape-shift in multiple contexts that blur the limits between real and fantasy, beauty and bizarre.

When one dresses in costume, one enters a ritualistic space where alternative forms of self are allowed to surface. The ordinary is overturned when one explores oneself as an alternative persona/entity/figure. I strive to facilitate this discovery for others, mobilizing them to protrude and take ownership of new ways of self-expression.

The liberation of the human spirit breaks apart unintentional, oppressive and constraining forms of thought, making room for the constant process of self-emancipation. Transforming the self with others, and the occupied surroundings into a higher potential form, is akin to my essence.

Daylight Sun Parade